Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Art - Cathedrals

Tuesday, April 4th

The Cathedrals are amazing structures of design, but also a treasure chest of art. The interior of a Cathedral holds a vast array of art- from stain glass and frescoes, to statutes and tapestries. Due to the amount of classes being cut down this semester, we did a crash course of what all can be found inside.

John Ruskin was an artist from the 1800's, but his creative design of sketch and watercolor resulted in pieces of art that look very contemporary. We looked at a few of his pieces that were done on Cathedrals, using his style as inspiration for our project. Students took the image they brought to class of their favorite art piece from their cathedral, and recreated it to be featured on the sign for their individual Cathedral.


The Dark side of the Cathedrals...
Please research the following:

- Does your Cathedral have any GHOST STORIES?
- Does your Cathedral have any creepy RELICS? Does it have a CRYPT? If so, are there any interesting people buried there?
-What is the history of GARGOYLES?
   - PRINT OFF and BRING IN a photo of a gargoyle from your Cathedral. If your Cathedral does not have Gargoyles, pick another stone carving on your Cathedral, and bring in an image.

CONTINUE  finishing work on Cathedral. Complete details and spray painting; these will need to be brought in the final Tuesday class on April 18th.