Sunday, June 30, 2013

Student Levels

FAITH is a homeschool fine arts program specifically designed for K-12th grade students.  

We have 5 different student levels, however the exact ages/grades of the children who participate in each level is not an exact science.  Leadership works hard to adjust class assignments each year to best fit the changing needs of individual students.  

Student Levels

  • Introduction Level (Treasure Hunters) - This class is specifically designed for our youngest elementary students.  They are allowed time for gross motor play and have the advantage of consistent teachers throughout their entire class time. They work on lessons related to the same time period studied by older students, but have the advantage of fewer time (class period) restrictions which allows teachers to follow the students lead when a particular project captures their imagination (or doesn't).
  • Exposure, Level 1 (Explorers)- Students are exposed to music, art, and drama from a historical perspective.  These are foundational classes that teach introductory level skills and terminology.  Hands-on projects, games, songs, and stories are the focus of class time.  
  • Exposure, Level 2 (Trail Blazers) - Children is this level continue to learn through the use of hands-on projects, games, songs, and stories,  Their focus is on applying the basic principles of music, art, drama, and history that they have been learning.  They are encouraged to explore unfamiliar ideas, techniques and mediums.
  • Analysis, Level 3 (Path Finders) -  Analysis level students begin to critique information in their classes.  There is much more conversation and scrutiny of information as opposed to the lower two levels.  Visual and performing arts classes are more in depth, and students begin to explore the relationship between subjects.
  • Analysis, Level 4 (Navigators) - Our oldest students are encouraged to apply knowledge gained throughout the previous 3 levels as they develop their own world view.  Advanced principals are taught in the areas of music, art, drama, and history.  Students are challenged to research and discuss what they are being taught, and to share their own discoveries. 

In addition, we have care available for children who accompany older students and their parents to FAITH.  This is divided into two levels.

  • Nursery - These are our youngest (and arguably most adorable) members.  Play, rest, and snacks are supervised by loving caregivers.  
  • Pre-school - Children who have not yet reached the stage of formal schooling, but are ready to move out of the nursery, participate in a fun hands-on program.  They do not switch classes, but instead have a consistent team of teachers who lead them through art projects, singing time, bible stories, play time, and basic academic lessons.  

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013-2014 History Syllabus

Good Evening Friends!

Here is the History portion of the syllabus for the 3rd year of FAITH!  Notice the word draft in the title - our teachers are busy putting together their class plans, and are not bound to this list, but we thought we would share it so that you can begin putting your own lessons together at home.  

There are also some additional topics that may be of interest to you, but have not been included in our list.  (If only we had unlimited time together - *sigh*).

In no particular order: 

  • Spanish Inquisition 
  • Convicts settle Australia 
  • The Scientific Revolution (Copernicus etc.) & resulting age of Enlightenment 
  • Industrial Revolution in Europe (1760-1820) 
  • Growth of Russia 
  • Height of pirate activity 
  • Ming dynasty 
  • Colonial Latin America  
  • Golden age of the Ottoman empire
Enjoy your summer!

Sheryl G.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Early Modern Places to Explore

New England has an amazing wealth of historical landmarks that will compliment next year's study of the Early Modern Period.  We will certainly be planning several group trips to take advantage of this, but I thought I'd post a few of the more time sensitive events in case you are looking for some fun destinations this summer.  

Early Modern Period 
Summer Field Trip Opportunities

Cry Innocent play - Salem, MA
June 30–August 18, Friday–Tuesday: 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m. & Sunday: 2:30
History Alive actors vividly depict the trial of a Bridget Bishop, accused during the Salem Witch trials.

Living History Event - Hillsborough, NH
Aug 17 & 18
A 2 day event at which you can watch battles, make your own pot, cast a pewter spoon, and more.

American Independence Festival – Exeter, NH
July 20, 2013 10am – 5pm
A Living History event.  View the horseback delivery of the Declaration and listen to the public reading (complete with hecklers!), chat with historic role-players, step to the stirring music of the Lincoln Fife and Drum and delight in the maneuvers and cannon firings of militias.

Muster with the Militia – Lexington, MA
Daily: May 25 – October 27, 2013 10:30AM
Participate in a militia drill with wooden muskets. You will be challenged to master REAL battle formations from 1775.

Need more ideas?  Check out my full list of Early Modern Period field trips at

Happy Travels!

Sheryl G.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

2013-2014 Schedule

Welcome!  What an honor to have the opportunity to learn along side of you and your children this coming year!  
August 27 - Orientation
Free customizable calendars available
Sept 10 - Week 1
Sept 17 - Week 2
Sept 24 - Week 3
Oct 1 - Week 4
Oct 8 - Week 5
Oct 15 - Week 6
Oct 22 - Week 7
Oct 29 - Week 8
Nov 5 - Week 9
Nov 12 - Week 10
Nov 19 - Week 11
Nov 26 - No Classes – Thanksgiving Break 

Dec 3 - Week 12

Dec 10 - Christmas Celebration
Dec 11-Jan 6 - No Classes: Christmas Break
Jan 7 - Week 13
Jan 14 - Week 14
Jan 21 - Week 15 
Jan 28 - Electives Begin                                                                             
Feb 4 - Week 17
Feb 11 - Week 18
Feb 18 - Week 19
Feb  25 - Winter Break
March 4 - Week 20
March 11 - Week 21
March 18 - Week 22
March 25 - Week 23
April 1 - Week 24
April 8 - Week 25
April 15 - Make –up week in case of cancellation

April 19 - FAITH End of the Year Presentation 

We build one week into the schedule to allow for a cancellation due to inclement weather etc.  If we cancel FAITH one time the last class will be moved to April 15.  We do not change the calendar to accommodate more than one cancellation.  If FAITH is unable to meet more than one week we will not reschedule or add classes to the calendar.


Dear FAITH Families,

What an honor to have the opportunity to learn along side of you and your children this coming year! We are working diligently to plan and coordinate all the necessary details for the fall.  As soon as the syllabus is finalized we will send it out to you.

The time period we will be focusing on over the coming year is the Early Modern Period (1450-1815) From the Explorers to the Missouri Compromise.
 Thank you for partnering with us to create this learning adventure for our children. Please feel free to let us know if there is anything we can do to be of help to you in the coming months! Have a great summer!

 The FAITH Leadership Team