Thursday, December 29, 2016

Art : Trailblazers and Explorers:

Week 9, Nov. 8: We studied Leonardo DaVinci. We looked at a video of the Sistine Chapel on "Garden of Praise" which is a nice website to look at artwork. I read a story to the kids of Leonardo as a boy. We created a sea creature drawing an insect or sea creature and looking and drawing very carefully, like Leonardo. The kids were amazing! Their artwork was so well done! The following week, some brought them home, some let me keep them for the end of the year art show. We outlined the very outer edges with black pastel to make a clear boundary for painting the background. 

Week 10, Nov. 15: We studied Michelangelo. Again, we looked at the website " Garden of Praise", to see some of his work. Some of the kids have seen these works. We finished our creature pictures from last week. We did a wash with watercolor for the background and then dripped alcohol into it to create bubbles in the water. Some worked better than others. I think it cam out better when the paint was watery. But, not all the children seemed to keep it watery. That is always a challenge. Some like to lay it on thick; no pun intended!

Week 11, Nov. 29: As it was our last week before Christmas, we made candles to give as gifts or keep to light for Christmas! The kids did very well following directions as this is all good for them. They prepared their molds, chose their style of candle and chose the colors. It was a big hit with all!

Monday, December 5, 2016

FAITH Timeline

Remember to keep practicing during break!