FAITH Fine Arts Program
Fine Arts Integrated Through History
Parent/Student Handbook

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Parent Responsibilities & Expectations

  • All parents are required to stay at the FAITH program every week
  • Fulfill an assigned job
  • Pay tuition for classes on time
  • Supervise your children
  • Share responsibility for making the co-op a success and ensure everyone can enjoy their time there.
  • Be Punctual
Please be intentional about arriving with enough time to park, gather your things and be in the building so your children can be in class no later than 1:00.  Classes begin promptly at 1:00.  It is essential to the continuity of the program that all class members are in attendance at the start of class.  If tardiness becomes regular we will ask you to keep your child out of the first class and begin attendance at the second period. 

Student Responsibilities & Expectations

  • Treat others with respect at all times.
  • Come to class prepared with completed assignments and all required books and materials.  YOU are responsible for writing down all assignments (if applicable).
  • Be diligent about reading weekly summaries and completing activities associated with each class.  
  • Do not loiter in the hallways. You are not allowed to be in an unsupervised area in the building or outside.  
  • DO NOT use areas of the church that SBF has not invited FAITH to use.
  • Do not run or talk loudly while walking to and from your classes.
  • No cell phones in class; this includes text messaging. Please turn off cell phones during class. If the teacher or facilitator is aware of any student using a cell phone in class, they may choose to confiscate the phone until the end of class.

Rules & Code of Conduct

  • Treat others with respect at all times.
  • Foul language and/or bullying will not be tolerated.
  • Inappropriate physical affection and/or aggression will not be tolerated.
  • No weapons [guns, knives (real or play), etc.], alcohol, or illegal drugs will be permitted on church premises.

Parents will be contacted if a disciplinary problem arises.  Children will be given a 3 warning limit.  If a child has to be spoken to and is not responding by the third request they will be asked to leave and sit with a parent for the remainder of that class.  They are welcome to join the schedule of classes at the next period.

Please take the time to read through and sign our complete policies, as these are very important to your child's successful participation at FAITH.

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6th Year - FAITH Final Rules 2016-2017 by Liberty
NOTE - there were a few errors on the calendar in this document.  Please refer to the syllabus for the correct class schedule.

Emergency Procedures
In case of a fire, alarms will sound and all children should be evacuated along assigned routes to safe areas away from the building. Keep children as calm and quiet as possible. Move quickly, but do not run or allow children to run. All exits are clearly marked, and emergency exit routes are shown on wall maps in each room. All classes need to remain together with their teacher and facilitator. An SBF staff member will notify teachers and facilitators when it is safe to re-enter the building. Should we be unable to enter the building again, teachers and facilitators will need to remain with their classes until parents locate their children In the event of a non-evacuation emergency, please listen for complete instructions. We will have unannounced emergency drills throughout the year.