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Parents, we are so excited to have you join us for another great year at FAITH.  

In order to have your child best prepared for class please print out a copy of the syllabus and make sure that they come to class having read back of each timeline card.  Whether or not you choose to add additional readings to your lessons is entirely up to you.  Use the correlation chart and optional lesson extension activities as a resource to bring your favorite learning materials into your studies, but please do not try to do everything listed.  It is far too much for most students.

Our history classes are framed around the memorization of the timeline of history.  The easiest way to facilitate this is to purchase your own copy to use at home.  You can purchase them at the link below (the lowest price we could find for new cards), or search e-bay and other re-sellers for discounts.

Teachers will be updating this site weekly with their class summaries and assignments.  Please note that we WILL NOT be sending individualized assignments messages.  It is your responsibility to check the site and send your students to class prepared if they are not old enough to check the site on their own.

You don't need to miss a message.  This site can automatically e-mail you every time new content is posted.  Simply look on the right  for the "Follow by E-mail" box, and enter your e-mail address.  It looks like this:

Parent assignments are almost finalized.  If you still do not have a role, please contact Kristina at Mitchells @ onemacworld .com to discuss where we can best utilize your skills.  

We are also in need of help with end-of-day cleaning.  Each family is required to volunteer for just one day out of the year.  You are welcome to choose any day that works well for your schedule.  Simply pick a date and you will automatically receive a reminder message.  Sign up here if you haven't already!

Don't forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions page if you are searching for information, but if you don't find the answer you need, you are always welcome to contact us.   

In the older classes, students will be asked to do their own research in preparation for class.  We do not wish for you to set your child free on the internet without supervision or guidance, so to make the process a bit easier we want you to know of these safe research tools for kids.

The following shared with permission from


Our Top 10 Favorite Reference Sources for Kids:

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IvyJoy – Filtered and specialized search engines.  Simple and user friendly. - A simple search engine.  What I like about this one is that it reveals what kind of document each link is in parenthesis.  (biography) (dictionary) (arts & entertainment) etc.
InfoPlease - A thorough site, but I linked to my favorite part, the year by year calendar.  This is especially helpful in history, so that kids can see what else was happening in the world during the time they are studying.

Video Sources:

Brainpop – This one requires a subscription, but it is very well researched and nicely presented. - Access to the wealth of info contained in NOVA’s programs.  I like this site because you can limit your search by topic and timeline.  Very handy.
Sqooltube - Easy to navigate and has access to my favorite videos like Liberty’s Kids
KahnAcademy – An ever growing source of excellent teaching videos, focusing primarily on math and science.

For Particularly Elusive Searches:

Libraryspot  - This is our go-to site for when we get stuck looking for an old map or need access to historical documents.  It is a bit cumbersome to navigate, but pulls up what we need every time.

The Basics: - basic and easy to use thesaurus
Merriam Webster’s Word Central - A fun and kid friendly dictionary.  As a bonus, it also has a rhyming tool.

Old Standby:

Okay, so this will technically bring my link count up to 11, but I have to admit that encyclopedias still exist.  They are no longer the hefty tomes that I remember, but they are still filled with all of that great information that I enjoyed as a kid.  Many libraries provide free access to online encyclopedias with your card number, so check out what is available to you locally.  My library is registered with Encyclopedia Britannica and I have found it to be super simple for the kids to navigate.
We live in a fortunate time.  Happy Researching!

Sheryl G.

Update:  The History Sourcebook is too good not to include in this list.  Original sources are listed chronologically and thematically, making research a dream.  Make sure to use the sidebar to help narrow your search!