Sunday, December 6, 2015

Drama - Navigators 12/1/2015

We worked hard this week to bring together several details regarding the presentation on Tuesday!  I am confident that they will pull it al together for the program!

Remember - Finalize lines and bring props needed!

Nice work this week!

Drama - Pathfinders 12/1/2015

Today was devoted to finalizing preparation for Tuesday's performance.   We were able to make it through the piece a few times and I am confident in the kids and their ability to put on a show!

It is a joy to work with these kids each week!

Reminder - Speak in rhythm - Keep your energy and expression up!

Drama - Trailblazers 12/1/2015

Today was devoted to perfecting the skit in preparation for Tuesday.  We had time left over at the end for a game! So fun!  I am pleased with the children and their ability to take direction and be flexible! 

One reminder for Tuesday - Slow down!  Speak up!

Nice job on Tuesday!

Drama - Explorers 12/1/2015

These kids are so much fun to work with!  We rehearsed for the program on Tuesday.  I am really pleased with their focus and willingness to work together on this presentation.  They are taking direction well.  I have also seen some children step up and lead!

Great job to all!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Explorers and Trailblazers Art, week 11: We looked at pictures of Roman Architecture and I walked them through how to do a drawing of a  Roman Aqueduct. Then we colored it using pastels. We talked about blending and horizon lines and how to draw using reference lines to help you place things in the picture. The children did some fine work!

Rise of Rome - History 1&2 Explorers and Trailblazers

The founding of Rome by Romulus and Remus is a legend, however historians do believe that Rome began near the Tiber River.  As small villages grew, they merged into one large city.  During the rule of Etruscan kings, a series of roads, aqueducts, and elaborate buildings were built.  This infrastructure, along with a strong military and wise leadership allowed for many military conquests.

In class activities:

  • Learned about Rome's acquisition of other cultures
  • Built our own Roman roads and discussed their building techniques
  • Learned about why the roads were important for evangelism
  • Discussed the difference between myth and history as we learned of Romulus and Remus
Optional lesson extension activities:
  • Listen to chapter 27 in The Story of the World

  • Watch on hulu:
  • True & mythical stories:
  • Roman games:
  • Outline of the rise and fall of the roman empire:
  • Build your own paper Roman aquaduct;
  • Printables:
  • Enjoy your holiday!  Be prepared for class on 1/5 by reading cards NT22-25
  • Practice your timeline