Friday, April 15, 2016

Information Regarding Candidates for Office

This is a summary of our candidate's positions. Voting will take place Tuesday April 19th from 12:20 to 1:00. Polls will close at 1:00. Voting is open to everyone at FAITH except for the nursery/toddler children.

All of the candidates are clearly Pro-life. Jackson St. Onge and Gabe Lacasse are the candidates that have been the most direct in this area and Gabe has indicated specifically that he will defund Planned Parenthood.

On the topic of Terrorism, specifically Isis, all of the candidates are for continuing to fight Isis and terrorism worldwide. Steven Gudek was the candidate that specifically indicated that he felt expanding and strengthening our military was definitely on his agenda. Jackson St. Onge also made a point of stating that he would support increased training of our troops so they would be even more able to be successful in this fight.

Each of the candidates has his own ideas of how to improve our economy. Josh Mitchell clearly feels that budget cuts will be necessary and that a commitment to job creation and growth is key to getting back on track. He indicated that he would make a point of funding small business.
Gabe Lacasse has made it clear that he would be going after the welfare programs in the country and cutting them back severely. It is his intention to encourage all people currently on welfare to begin to seek employment although he does not have a strong platform on job creation. Gabe does have strong feelings about stopping the borrowing of money from China and plans to slow that down and eventually stop this practice.
Stephen Gudek proposes a lower tax rate for everybody. He and the other candidates have also mentioned that they would lower gas prices although they do not agree on the price each one would drop it to. Stephen also supports funding small business but unlike Joshua Mitchell, he would pick and choose which ones he funded and that the criteria for choosing would be how much of a help they were to America.  Joshua Mitchell is the candidate that has indicated most clearly that he will reduce the size of government if elected.
On the topic of immigration, the candidates are split. Josh Mitchell and Gabe Lacasse are for a wall between Mexico and America. Stephen Gudek still flip flops on whether he would or would not support one and Jackson St. Onge has said loud and clear that he does not support a wall as a means to control immigration.

All of the candidates support stricter control of prescription drugs.

In terms of the second amendment Josh Mitchell is the most vocal supporter and Gabe Lacasse certainly supports the right to bear arms and carry concealed weapons. Stephen is definitely against carrying concealed weapons for safety reasons.

All candidates are in favor of teaching Christianity in schools but Gabe Lacasse did indicate that he would support the rights of Americans to choose the religion they wanted to follow.

Finally, Gabe Lacasse has stated several times that he will abolish Obamacare. Stephen Gudek indicated that the environment and the abolishing of the Common Core would also be priorities.

Josh Mitchell has told the American people that he would do whatever he felt would be in the best interests of the people and Jackson St. Onge clearly feels that the poor in America are a group that has been underrepresented and needs defending.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Archaeology - Process Review

{assignment listed at end} 

In preparation for next week's archaeology mystery party, the kids reviewed their archaeological vocabulary and techniques.  They were reminded that digging is by nature destructive.  Data can be destroyed every time soil is moved or objects are touched.  Archaeologists attempt to minimize this risk through carefully selecting the right tool for the right conditions, and focusing on slow, methodical work.

In class activities:

  • Brainstormed activities we have done throughout the elective to include in our party
  • Worked on our archaeology notebooks
  • Reviewed the steps in the process of archaeology
  • Learned some new archaeological vocabulary
  • Completed reconstruction of our pots
Optional lesson extension activities:
  • Think of one thing that you think that the people of the future would like to know about you.  Find an object that represents this idea and bring it to class to add to your own personal time-capsule. (items will be returned)
Additional notes:
  • Please check your pots, you should have gone home with the one you originally created, not the one you reconstructed.  If your name is not written on the bottom, please bring it back to class with you.
  • We will hopefully be outside again next week, dress appropriately
  • I plan to make a cake to share with the students during our party.  If there are any dietary concerns, please let me know.
Special thanks: Parents, please let your children know how much I appreciate their kindness to one another.  We had no TAs available during our project this week, and all 25 of the kids pitched in to help with hot glue guns, pot re-assembly, and clean-up beautifully.  I am so proud of them!

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Art: Pathfinders and Navigators

Today was messy day!! We finished yet another step on the 3D letters we have been working on, and the messiest step at that- Paper Mache!

Please bring in to next class (again) a HAIRBLOW DRYER and any sketches/material needed for the Crayon Melting Art we will be working on. Also, if anyone has any hot glue guns we could use, that 
would be most helpful!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Archaeology - Pompeii

{Assignment for next week listed at end}

Pompeii was one of the first archaeology sites.  It was first discovered in 1549 while digging for a water channel, after having been buried in ash since 79AD. The site was later pillaged for works of art by the king of Spain.  Excavations have continued growing deeper and more careful over time.  Current archaeological work at Pompeii is focused on layers beneath the time of the catastrophic eruption.

In class activities:

  • Learned about excavations at Pompeii
  • Discussed changes in the field of archaeology over the past 300 years
  • Continued work on our mock dig site using sifters
  • Documented discarded artifacts
  • Worked to re-assemble pottery sherds
  • Discussed the necessity for archaeologists to work together (one piece from each student's pot was placed in a different student's box, along with several pots that were spread throughout the entire class)
Optional lesson extension activities:

  • We will be outdoors next week.  Please wear appropriate shoes and bring a jacket to class.
  • Students will continue restoring their pots next week.  Extra hot-glue guns would be appreciated!
  • Take a look at the archaeology field trip details, and let me know if you plan to attend.  

Monday, April 4, 2016

Archaeology Field Trips

Hi friends!  

The archaeology class is planning a field trip to the UNH Open Archaeology Day to view a series of hands-on activities, including stone tool knapping (or flaking), mock excavation, ancient foodway sampling, and atlatl (spear) throwing.  I hope your family will be able to join us!

Friday April 22nd, 2016
1:00 - 4:00
Huddleston Hall Room G16, 73 Main Street, Durham NH. 
e-mail Sheryl if interested in attending
metting location & lunch details to follow

This event is technically only open to college students, so you MUST register.  Please let me know exactly how many members of your family are attending by 4/11.

Additional Events: Did you know that April is Archaeology Month here in NH?  There are many events that are open to the public.  Take a look at the full schedule!

I am going to be attending several events including the dig in Deerfield on 4/14 and the Pompeii presentation on 4/16 with my kids, so if you find one that interests you, pop me an e-mail and we can try to meet up while there!

Friday, April 1, 2016

March 29th, 2016
The younger Art Class
We have been working on our creation book. Each week, adding another watercolor. We have been mixing colors, learning watercolor techniques, and drawing.