Thursday, December 4, 2014

Drama 12/2/14. Pathfinders & Navigators

It was challenging to rehearse everything and check costumes with the more complicated scenes these two classes have to perform.  However, I told the students if they review their lines every day, and go through the blocking in their minds, they will have great performances next week.  It is very important to review the lines right before theirs, as well, since that can make or break the entrance of their lines.  They have a lot to remember, but have put together very effective scenes.

Drama 12/2/14. Explorers & Trailblazers

Our drama classes were held in the Sanctuary this week, in order to rehearse onstage for our Presentation next week.  I looked at costumes and props and made adjustments where necessary.  Many of the children had brought great costumes.  I told the students they really need to review their lines every day this week, as we will not be able to have a rehearsal before the performance next week.  They are all very excited for their parents to get to see the results of their hard work.

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Today we studied the history of the Christmas Card!  It was a pretty low key class.  After discussing the answers to 10 questions related to the first Christmas cards the kids jumped into creative mode and using a variety of materials were given the chance to make their own cards!  It was a fun class!  Much thanks to Cindy Lacasse for helping out today!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

World War 1 History 1&2

Thank you to Mrs. Mitchell for substituting!!!

The Great War began when Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria was assassinated setting off a crisis between multiple international alliances.  The conflict soon grew to include more than 70 million soldiers fighting in muddy trenches.

In the end, both the Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires ceased to exist, and maps were re-drawn decreasing the territory of both Germany and Russia.  In addition, the League of Nations was formed with the intention of preventing future wars.

In class activities:
  • Read to original letters from WWI soldiers
  • Dressed as soldiers
  • Reenacted the Christmas truce
The main thrust of class was focused on learning that the fighting stopped to honor Christmas, although this was hard to convey over the excitement of holding large toy guns and playing dress up!  The kids were encouraged to really think about what war would have been like and that even though these countries were fighting Christmas was a uniting factor and they all respected one another in honor of that day.
The Explorers made scenes of the letter that begins, "On Christmas Day one of the Germans came out of the trenches and held his hands up..."  The second video was of "During the early part of the morning the Germans started singing and shouting all in good English..."
Trailblazers acted out the conversation between Fritz and the soldier with Joey and Isaiah playing the main parts.  The second on was "You will no doubt be surprised to hear...": 2 soldiers/4 soldiers and exchanging of gifts.

Optional lesson extension activities:
There is no assignment for next week's Christmas presentation.  Enjoy your holiday!