Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Art: Cathedrals

It is so much fun watching all the different Cathedrals taking shape! Class time was spent fine tuning the box shapes that began last week.

As we head into the final weeks of preparation for final presentation, it is important that students follow through with their homework assignments.

- Finish and Spray Paint Cathedral
    -Any final details should be completed on Cathedral; it is up to students how detailed they would like to go. But be mindful that there is a "Cathedral Competition" so stakes are high!
    -Cathedrals do not need to be brought in to next class of April 4th
-Research what art is found in the interior of your Cathedral
   This can include anything from stained glass, statutes, frescoes, paintings, tapestries, etc.
-Choose your favorite piece of INTERIOR art found in your Cathedral and print off a clear image of it; Bring photo to class next week.